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Facebook launches unified mobile site, announces 250 million mobile users

Facebook has announced that its two mobile sites -- and -- have been unified, bringing a simpler mobile experience to Facebook users. And there are a lot of those -- a quarter billion, according to Facebook.

Smartphone users won't be losing any functionality because of the consolidation. If your phone supported the enhacned features offered by, the new site will automatically flip the switch when you visit.

Rolling the sites together helps simplify things for Facebook's developer team. Now changes can be pushed to a single site instead of two separate sites, which makes it easier to ensure that all mobile users receive a nearly identical experience regardless of the device they're using.

The new Facebook mobile can also check to see if your phone supports geolocation. If it doesn't, you won't be seeing much of Facebook Places -- which obviously relies heavily on geolocation. Images can also be optimized on the fly to keep page performance from suffering on less powerful devices. You can see the three different versions of the share button below, courtesy our friends at TechCrunch.

Facebook launches unified mobile site, announces 250 million mobile users originally appeared on Download Squad on Fri, 01 Apr 2011 10:00:00 EST. Please see our terms for use of feeds.

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Spy-Phone Demo Planned For Black Hat

Researcher says an Android device can be turned into a compromised bot that spies on users.


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Talk Mobile Apps Week Recap: The best things you said

While the first week of Talk Mobile 2013 was all about mobile gaming, in the second topic we tackled broader issues with apps, developers, and app stores. As with last week, we're working to move past the debates over features and specs and spark a discussion on what really matters: how these advanced devices have actually impacted our lives.

We're going to continue to tweak the Talk Mobile formula as we go, and your feedback is always welcome as we work to make Talk Mobile the best that it can possibly be. So feel free to sound off in the comments about what you think of Talk Mobile so far.

As with our first week's recap, we want to focus on the discussion that was generated, because that's really what we're after here. We've seen a lot of great comments spurring even better conversations about what's great and not so great about apps today, and we'd like to take a few minutes to highlight the best.



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BlackBerry creates Secure Work Space for Android and iOS smartphones

BlackBerry continues to expand its support for Android and iOS with Secure Work Space, which separates work and personal apps and data, as the company tries to hold on to enterprise users by becoming more platform neutral.


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Apple Makes the Best Windows Laptop: Soluto

Laptop shoppers looking for a rock-solid Windows machine may want to make a stop at the nearest Apple Store.


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IT Visionary James Martin Dies

British-born philanthropist and author of more than 100 books on computers, technology and society was a visionary who some say predicted the Internet.


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You won’t burn your tongue with the Clever Touch Temperature Sensing Coffee Mug!

Nothing is more important to me than my first cup of coffee in the morning!  The Clever Touch Temperature Sensing Coffee Mug with Digit LED Indicator will ensure you know the temperature of your coffee or tea before you take a sip.  You can see if it’s “cool”, “warm” or “hot”, with a little heart LED in [...]


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HP shakes up management team of PC division

Hewlett-Packard has shuffled the management of its PC division as it tries to sharpen its focus on growth markets.

HP's Todd BradleyHP
HP’s Todd Bradley

HP said that top executive Todd Bradley will step down from his role as executive vice president of the Printing and Personal Systems (PPS) group to become executive vice president of Strategic Growth Initiatives, where his first order of business will be “enhancing HP’s business in China.”

Bradley will be replaced by Dion Weisler, who is currently the senior vice president for HP’s PPS division in Asia Pacific and Japan. Weisler previously worked at Lenovo as vice president and chief operating officer of the company’s Product and Mobile Internet Digital Home Groups.

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Wayback Machine | 30 Classic Games for Simple Outdoor Play

Wayback Machine | 30 Classic Games for Simple Outdoor Play
When I was a kid, we played outside with the other kids in the neighborhood with most of our free time. We also made the most of recess at school. We kept ourselves quite occupied without any of today's modern ...


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Google Triples Chromebook Retail Presence

After two years of slow sales, Chromebooks are beginning to catch on.


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Apps of the week: Instacast, Wibbitz, Over and more!

Another week has passed us by, and that means it's time once again for the iMore team to share with with you the apps they've been using this week. We've got a couple of podcast solutions for Mac and iOS, a live concert app, a news app and more. Lets take a look.

Wibbitz - Ally Kazmucha

Wibbitz for iPhone is a slimmed down news app that highlights all of the news around you. You can choose between business, technology, world, and top news. Wibbitz then speaks the news to you with short video clips showing images and statistics. While Wibbitz may not be as advanced as other RSS apps, it isn't meant to be.

Whether you just want to listen to a quick rundown of news highlights while driving or doing another activity, Wibbitz is great for just this. It can also double up on an easy to use news app for users that may have vision problems. Since the images are large as are the statistics that display while video and audio are playing, it's a good way for anyone with a disability to get a quick rundown of news.

Instacast - Joseph Keller

I listen to a lot of podcasts. For a long time, iTunes was the only real game in town when it came to downloading and listening to podcasts. It was a hassle, and disorganized, but it's what I had. Then I downloaded Instacast, and I've never looked back, not even in the dark times of iCloud syncing. Once Instacast moved away from iCloud and started using its own syncing method, everything just works. And now with the recent release of the Mac version, managing all of my podcasts is better than I could have hoped, especially downloading. The Mac version of Instacast allows users to download a podcast episode, then transfer the downloaded file to other versions of Instacast on the same network. Simply open the version of the app that you plan on using and download the episode like you normally would, and the app will find the Mac app with the file already downloaded and grab it from there. It's much faster than downloading the episode directly multiple times.

But even without the Mac version, Instacast is still my favorite podcast app. It's straightforward while still giving users looking for more a plethora of options. Syncing between the iPhone and iPad works beautifully. The ability to control how and when data is deleted from the app is also a plus. Instacast is one of my favorite apps that I've purchased in five years of using iOS devices, and is available as a universal app for $4.99.

Over - Simon Sage

Typically, I'm not one to post images of inspirational quotes on my Facebook wall, but sometimes a great picture can use a caption for flavor. Over introduces a wide variety of fonts and colors which you can use to apply text to your pictures. Resizing text, placing, and rotating are all very fluid and simple, plus there's a unique UI to get around. Advanced options such as kerning, tint, opacity, and alignment are in there, too. Both iPhone and iPad versions are well-optimized given their screen sizes. The one caveat here is that though you get a healthy selection of fonts out of the box, the vast majority are locked behind a $0.99 in-app purchase. There are also art packs available if you want to add some high-quality, sketchy-style icons and text to your pictures as well. Combined with some tasteful effects using your photography app of choice (in this case, Photo Booth), you can get some pretty interesting creations going.

Qello - Chris Parsons

You might have heard the recent news about Qello arriving on AppleTV but there's also an app for iPhones and iPads and it's pretty awesome if your a music fan. It has a ton of selection for behind the scenes looks at new and classic albums, live concerts and plenty 'the making of' videos from every genre of music. Want to check out Eric Clapton? No problem. How about Doctor Dre? Got you covered. Want to know how Nirvana's Nevermind was put together? You good to go. The app is free to download and there is a trial of the service available but if you want full on access, you're looking at $5/mtnh subscription.

Podgrasp - Richard Devine

I've been hunting for a suitable stand alone podcast app for the Mac for a little while, and I've come across Podgrasp. The first thing to note is the price, which is initially why I gave it a shot. At $0.99 it's very affordable and while it does lack some features of something like Instacast, it does a good enough job to warrant a place on my Mac.

If you keep your podcast subscriptions in the form of an OPML file (as I do) then you can import this and you're off and running. Otherwise new subscriptions need to be added by URL. A lack of a searchable catalog is a little disappointing but not a deal breaker. It even looks pretty nice, and is definitely worth a look if like me you're not a fan of getting your podcasts through iTunes.

Acorn - Rene Ritchie

Acorn image editor gets UI overhaul, non-destructive filters

For years rumors persisted that Apple had a secret Photoshop killer in the laps, something like Final Cut Pro that would let them break free of the tyranny and travesty of Adobe. Turns out they were sorta right. Apple had Core Graphics, a framework that gave developers are lot of powerful imaging tools "for free", and allowed indies to compete, on small, specific scales, in a way only giant companies could have done in the past.

Acorn by Gus Mueller of Flying Meat is the perfect example. Pretty much a one man shop, Mueller's latest update is not only fast, it's coherent and focused in a way only an indie app could be. Unlike Photoshop, it can't be most things to most imaging artists -- that's how behemoths are bread -- but if you're looking for the classic imaging tools enabled by the most modern of technologies, and at a small fraction of the cost, Acorn might be just exactly what you're looking for.

Grab the Mac App Store version below, or if you want to try before you buy, grab the demo version from Flying Meat's website first.



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BattlePaint is an addictive geometric shooter game

In BattlePaint, you play a cube. In fact, you're not even a cube -- just a square. But boy, are you fast! And you can shoot in all directions. That's important, because there are baddies coming in from all over the place.

The "baddies" are swarms of other squares, in all sorts of pretty colors. They track you all over the screen, and you run around very quickly and just shoot, shoot, and shoot some more. If that doesn't sound very emotionally deep, it's because it isn't. But it's fun!

After you shoot a baddy, it splashes paint as it disappears. You need to skate across this blob of paint and "eat it up" to get points. This game is fast. It clocked in at around 60-70 FPS on my system, and was loads of fun to play. It does tend to insult you when you die, though, but don't be offended -- I don't think it's personal.

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Amped Wireless TAN1 High Power Wi-Fi Adapter for Windows 8 review

The TAN1 High Power Wi-Fi Adapter for Windows 8 from Amped Wireless is a USB 2.0 2.4GHz 802.11n Wi-Fi adapter that uses high-power transmission amplifiers and high-gain antennas to boost wireless range of Windows 8 devices. I tested it out on my aging Acer Netbook to see how it stacked up against typical low-end, built-in [...]


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Opera 11.10 gets HTML5 File API support, IMAP improvements

opera 11.10
The crew in Oslo keeps plugging away at Opera 11.10, and the latest snapshot build includes a number of improvements to Opera's built-in email client -- as well as HTML5-related additions.

On the IMAP front, Opera now supports special folders like sent items, spam, and trash. It also better handles duplicate items in Gmail -- such as those which appear in all mail and under your custom labels.

Opera 11.10 now partially supports the HTML5 File API as well, which means your favorite Web apps (like Gmail) may soon begin adding Opera to the list of supported browsers.

You can download the latest Opera 11.10 snapshot for Windows, Mac, or Linux from the official release post.

Update: The Opera 11.10 RC is now available, as pointed out by SlashZaku in the comments. Thanks!

Opera 11.10 gets HTML5 File API support, IMAP improvements originally appeared on Download Squad on Wed, 06 Apr 2011 13:30:00 EST. Please see our terms for use of feeds.

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Software Flaw Threatens LG Android Smartphones

Android devices at risk over vulnerability in backup software that can be exploited to provide root access to LG smartphones.


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BlackBerry sold 6.8 million smartphones but lost $84 million last quarter

BlackBerry shipped 6.8 million smartphones and recorded a $84 million loss during the three months to June 1, as it struggles to turn around its fortunes.

The first quarter of BlackBerry’s fiscal year served as a referendum on how consumers and business users have received the new BlackBerry 10 smartphones. The company’s quarterly earnings, released Friday, noted that 2.7 million phones running the new OS were sold, a figure that disappointed analysts.

Shipments of 7.7 million phones would have been an “OK” result, according to IDC research director Francisco Jeronimo. The soft sales lead analysts to question the future of BlackBerry 10 and the company during a conference call on the results.

BlackBerry CEO Thorsten Heins offered various themes on the same reply as a defense: “BlackBerry 10 is still in the early stages on its transition. In fact, we are only five months in to what is the launch of an entirely new mobile computing platform,” he said.

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Review: Lenovo’s IdeaPad Yoga 11 is convertible, portable, and…it runs Windows RT

Microsoft’s vice president of Windows planning may be confident that Windows RT is destined for great things, but I—and the rest of the world—have some doubts. The ARM-based operating system has limits (such as the inability to install legacy apps, or apps from outside the Windows Store) that just don’t belong on laptops.

A laptop you'll flip over

And while Lenovo’s $799 IdeaPad Yoga 11 may be trending toward tablet status, it’s still very much a laptop. In fact, the Yoga 11 is much more of a laptop than some of its competitors, such as the Dell XPS 10 and the Asus VivoTab RT. The XPS 10 and the VivoTab RT have detachable keyboard docks, while the Yoga 11 has a more unique form factor: Its keyboard doesn’t detach, but you can flip the entire screen around 360 degrees to have a slate-like experience.

So for all intents and purposes, the Yoga 11 is a laptop, not a tablet, but it’s running a tablet’s operating system. As you can imagine, this creates a few issues: You can’t download a third-party browser, for example, nor can you install some of the older applications you’re used to working with. You’re limited to apps that you can download in the Windows Store, which might not be a great thing considering Windows 8 app development has slowed in recent months. All of this is pretty unfortunate, because the Yoga 11 is an otherwise well-made product with potential as a replacement for your 15-incher and your tablet.

Stylish design, easy to use, and yes, very convertible

The Yoga 11 is the younger, lesser-equipped brother of Lenovo’s IdeaPad Yoga 13, which, as you may remember, I liked…a lot. The Yoga 11 features the same silver-gray rubbery finish, black chiclet-style keyboard, and moderately thick bezel surrounding its smooth glass touchscreen, as its predecessor. Its 11.6-inch capacitive touchscreen has a native resolution of 1366 by 768 pixels, and features bright, crisp colors. It’s a great touchscreen to use, too: accurate, smooth, and as similar to a tablet experience as you’ll get on a laptop. The touch sensitivity appears to extend just beyond the bezel, which makes certain Windows RT gestures (such as swiping from the right side to see the menu) very easy and intuitive.

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Facebook's Android app snags your mobile number the moment you launch it

Facebook's Android app snags your mobile number the moment you launch it

If you've ever simply launched the Facebook app on your Android smartphone, Facebook may have collected your phone number, according to an alert from Symantec.


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GeekDad Exclusive! | Fractalnoia — Excerpt From Douglas Rushkoff’s Present Shock

GeekDad Exclusive! | Fractalnoia — Excerpt From Douglas Rushkoff’s Present Shock
Yesterday: Digiphrenia. Chapter 3 — Fractalnoia They matter less for the solutions they come up with or the accusations they make than for the underlying need driving them all: to make sense of the world in the present tense. When ...


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