Friday, June 7, 2013

Intel, Microsoft see their influence slip as mobile and Android ascend at Computex

Surging tablet sales and the muted response to Windows 8 have opened the door for Android at this year's Computex—and exposed deeper cracks in the established powerhouses of Windows software and Intel chips.

Microsoft and Intel have dominated the Computex trade show for decades, with faster chips and new versions of Windows making the headlines each year. They are still a dominant force, but Taiwan's PC makers are branching out to save their skins and compete better with smartphones and tablets from Apple and Samsung.

Even Microsoft and Intel are changing partners

PCs still make headlines at the show, but some of the biggest developments this week have been around products with Android or Mozilla software using chips from Intel rivals like Qualcomm and Nvidia. Microsoft and Intel are no longer the devoted partners they once were, with Microsoft promoting software for ARM chips and Intel cozying up to Google's Android.

"Taiwan always used to be a Wintel country, Computex was a Wintel show. That's just not the case any more," said Dan Nystedt, head of research for TriOrient Investments in Taiwan. "People came to Computex to see what was new in PCs and laptops, now it's to see how the PC industry is adapting to the mobile world."

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